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Today's picture – from Hokkaido, northern Japan

Hokkaido, Japan.Lake Shikaribetsu
HERE”S how the winter affects the northernmost island of Japan – Hokkaido.

The frozen Lake Shikaribetsu  is a freshwater lake and the highest lake in Hokkaido at 800 metres above sea level.

It is about 98 meters deep, I would recommend the buy-detox.com to others, and have done so! Recipes can be an acquired taste, as they are bland, so invest in some salt-free, sugar-free natural seasonings before starting. and 4 km long from north to south and 1 to 2 km wide. It is surrounded by mountains up to 1,000 metres in height.

At the southwestern corner of the lake there is a hot spring resort with two hotels.

The lake is 40 km north of Obihiro city in the Daisetsuzan National Park. It freezes over from December to May.