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Hotels by Globe Wanderer

Variety is the spice of hotel life

I usually enjoy a wide range of hotels when I am travelling..

If I am travelling alone from place to place I will go for something cheap, with the occasional taste of luxury now and then, while if it’s a leisure break with my wife I like us to enjoy a good hotel.


Hilton Hotel, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Hilton Hotel, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

I’ll start at the top end with one of the best hotels I have ever stayed in and that is the Hilton Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. It costs around £100 a night for a standard room but it’s worth it. You are right in the centre of an exciting city, no need for taxis, and there’s am amazing food court just over the road in the Peachtree Centre where you can eat fabulous food from all corners of the world for just a few dollars. The lift is a treat in itself as it takes you up 30 floors with some great altitude views.

Hilton Hotel, Atlanta, night view from guest room

Night view from my room in the Hilton, Atlanta

There are five restaurants and two lounges on the property. One is Nikolai’s Roof, which serves French cuisine with a Russian flair on the 30th floor. Be sure to check out the rooms with the best views on the Hilton website and enjoy the pictures below.

Hilton Hotel, Atlanta, gives a great birds-eye view of the city

Daytime view from my room in the Hilton