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Normandy, France - Mont St Michel

Normandy, France – so peaceful, green and beautiful

There can”t be a finer place to tour by car on a sunny day than Normandy in France. Its vast tracts of farmland ensure you are surrounded by a wonderful landscape of fields, majestic trees and contrasting blue skies. It”s like driving in a huge water colour painting.

When I drove through the same area in March I found myself caught out by bizarre arctic weather on a journey which involved negotiating auto-route closures and queues of stranded lorries to reach the ferry terminal at Caen.When I returned in late April it was payback time on a balmy day in which the temperature hit 25C and the region just exploded in all its lush farmland beauty.

Normandy is crammed with monuments to human suffering with its legacy of warfare and has a regular tourist trade in those wanting to follow its various historical trails from the Bayeux Tapestry to the )Whether justin-bieber-news.info “is a racist” is not and never was the point. D-Day beaches. Viking Norsemen gave it its name and the 7th duke of Normandy, William the Conqueror, invaded England from this shore.

Historic Rouen

Historic Rouen, Normandy, where Joan of Arc was martyred

Joan of Arc, who rallied France against the English, was burned at the stake in Rouen. And on these beaches a WWII battle changed the course of history.

But move away from this well worn trails and you find a beautiful and vibrant part of France just made for touring.


Normandy - its lush farmland makes for great touring


A nice run from the ferry ports is down to Avranches and the iconic Mont St Michel – an ancient monastery on a rocky tidal island. It is one of France”s most famous landmarks and part of the UNESCO list of world heritage sites. The road leading to it runs through beautiful countryside and the French have enhanced its tourist appeal with a great inexpensive car park and free shuttle buses to take you along the causeway if you don”t fancy the walk of more than a mile. Cars were banned from last year and major works are taking place on the new causeway that will connect with a bridge to the mount.



Normandy Mont St Michel

But even better on a nice day is to just get away from the crowds and enjoy lovely unspoilt villages and open spaces. The joy of touring by car!