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Evora and the Alentejo region of Portugal – a magic mix of past and present

Evora and Alentejo

Time after time – remains of Roman temple frame the spires of cathedral in Evora, Alentejo region

Evora and Alentejo region

Praca de Giraldo, the main square in Evora, Alentejo, and its imposing balconies.

Evora and the Alentejo

It’s one of those places that you have to see to truly enjoy so I will let the pictures do the talking about Evora, the capital city of the beautiful Portuguese region of Alentejo.

There is so much history within this walled city that you can spend a week there alone browsing through it. And the people are great, welcoming and helpful although I wouldn’t recommend the hot chestnut man in the main square.

And Evora is the centrepiece of a beautiful region. The Alentejo region’s nickname – the bread basket of Portugal – doesn’t do it justice. Touring it by car is like driving through an oil painting by a master, beautiful landscapes on every side.Alentejo, Portugal

There is ancient and medieval history everywhere. The Roman emperor Augustus has truly left his mark on this part of the world.

Evora is a UNESCO world heritage site and is ranked number two in the list of Portugal’s most liveable cities.

For the moment, the pictures can do the talking. I will write more about Evora in a later post.

Evora and Alentejo - Evora at night