Ryanair at it again?


Are Ryanair at it again – squeezing extras out of their passengers after they have paid their fares? Their latest trick seems to be separating couples who check in when the window opens for free seating. I fly with them a lot and recent experience seems to suggest they are.

On our flight in May, my wife and I were seated12 rows apart in D aisle seats. As we boarded the plane we luckily met a mother and her young son who had been split up with C seats in the same rows and we were able to swop so that we sat together.

We were flying again on July 7 so we decided to pay for seats but, lo and behold, there were different prices for different seats. There were no four euro seats and seats in the front of the plane seemed double the prices in less popular parts of the plane.

Ryanair offer a great service at great prices and they make big profits so it’s a shame they are appearing less than friendly again in this way.

I wrote a limerick about them that was shortlisted in an Irish limerick competition. Here it is again with a couple of changes:

There was an airline named Ryan

which made a good business of flying

At thirty thousand feet

They’d screw you for your seat

Your case, and your excessive wining

There’s another take on this new problem involving randomly allocated seats here:



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